Photographer: Val Johnston

IG: @Valj100

Model: Maria Erofeeva

IG: @Mariaer86

Fashion Designer: Lana Gerimoivch with Alis Fashion Design

IG: @LanaGerimovich with @AlisFashionDesign

Summers Magazine Issue 25 ft. Jessica Kylie

By Summers Magazine

58 pages, published 3/26/2019

Summers Magazine’s Issue 25 is finally here! Cover: Photographer: Pedro Rolle JrIG: @PedroRolleJrModel: Jessica KylieIG: @JessicaKylieBikini: Kandi KinisIG: @KandiKinisSpecial Thanks to all our contributors including:@MILAFRANCISCOO @EKINNEYMEDIA @VALJ100 @MARIAER86 @LANAGERIMOVICH @ALISFASHIONDESIGN @50MM_GEOMETRY @vrelaxe @ahcphoto1 @zo_roulon @GIORHIVERS @JOCELYNMUELLAS